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2December 2019

Why Should Brands Work With Micro-Influencers More Often?

When the word Influencer has just entered our language, we are faced with a different and more effective marketing tactic: “Micro-Influencer marketing.”

Micro-influencers are people who have far fewer followers and awareness in social media than influencers, who are experts in their fields and active users of social media. Although there is no definite limit on the number of followers, there are usually less than 1000 or between 1000-50.000/100.000 followers. But they don't have to reach millions to stay micro.

So why should brands use Micro-influencers more often?

  • As the statistics show, influencers ' interaction rates are inversely proportional to the number of followers. This is because they are more professional than famous people and macro-influencers, and as such, their followers are more conscious about the subject. This means that if you have chosen the right person for the product or service, you have hit your target audience exactly twelve times.

  • The budget for Micro-influencers will be much smaller than that of celebrities and influencers with millions of followers.

  • Micro-influencers interact more with their followers. Their two-way communication is stronger. Consumers are much more likely to get a return when they ask the questions on their minds. This will increase followers ' loyalty to both the influencer and the brand.

  • The sincerity of Micro-influencers allows your brand to be perceived as sincere. It will be an indication that you are prioritising consumer needs and ideas.

  • Micro-influencers share less sponsored ad content than celebrities, which increases the effectiveness and reliability of the ad.

The target groups of products or services that are generally engaged in a particular sport, interested in a particular art branch and not appealing to everyone are limited. If you choose the right opinion leader about your own subject, you will have much more interaction with the consumer as there will be a small number of people who follow it, but will be directly interested in these limited activities and businesses.


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