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Offline Services;

In our 15 years of field activities experience, we have become the “idea partner” of our customers. With the activities and roadshows we have done so far, there are no cities we haven't seen, no flowers we haven't smelled. By following all the processes of a business, we work hard to avoid possible surprise mishaps.

We create content, present creative works, produce solutions in the campaign and promotional activities, establish teams that are suitable for the brand and the project, and know how to make our customers smile.

We communicate face-to-face with real people on the field.

  • Field activities – team coordination- creative interior production-correct planning
  • Merchandising
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Roadshow
  • Stage, Light, Sound and video systems
  • Digital Edition
  • Fair organizations
  • Launches
  • PR Events
  • Dealer meetings
  • Seminars
  • Mall events

Digital Services;

In digital world, Sosyologger is an organization that provides services for brands as well as to digital agencies in the world of social media with different forms of digital marketing services both domestically and globally.

Among our services;

Procurement influencer marketing for brands and to agencies, Programmatic Advertisement online digital Audio service (for brands, targeting and location-based digital audio online music services for listeners in radio broadcasts and interactive technology, placing spots), social media services. We continue to provide our customers with our brand new offline and digital technology services.

1- İnfluencer Marketing:

Already Working directly with various brands, we also support several digital agencies to spread their brands' message organically within social media world with our wide influencer pool. Consequently, we offer them influencer campaign services from start to finish with measurable campaign reporting. We do provide that kind of service for both domestic and international markets, if needed. (in terms of domestic and global influencer procurement).

2- Digital Online Programatic Audio Ad.( targeted ad placement):

We also offer programmatic Audio Ad placement services for brands as well as to digital and to offline agencies. (Domestic and International Services)

What Is Digital Online Programmatic Audio Ad Placement? 

It is the most important issue for brands to reach the right audience for audio spot ads on digital audio platforms.

Thanks to our technology, we can reach the targeted digital online music audience through digital online music platforms and podcast platforms, as well as mobilizing the targeted audiences through our call to action services.


We can also offer this kind of technological services on both domestic and on a global scale, if needed.

3- Social Media Management Services:

We provide all kinds of social media services on a global scale. (Facebook ad, Instagram ad, google ad, seo management etc.)

4 – We continue to provide other technology services to brands and agencies both at home and abroad – Offline and Digital world.

Push tv notification technology etc.

Existing For more than 10 years in the offline world, together with in the digital online world more than 5 years now , (domestic and abroad), We continue to provide Agencies and Brands our constantly upgrading technological services in both offline and in digital online world. Thus, we continue o grow our business partnerships world wide. Please Contact us 🙂 and Let us become your business partner as well. 🙂


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